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We are lucky enough to get most of our boxes donated to us from the lovely staff at Blackburn A&E. These are ideal size and made of very sturdy and strong cardboard, which we cover with wrapping paper as and when we have the time and opportunity. The finished product looks nice, but we think it would be even nicer if we further embrace the efforts already employed by the people of our communities.

And that means we need YOU! If knitting and crochet are not your thing, would you consider helping us put a box together for a local mum, or put paintbrush to hand and help decorate one?

You don’t have to be an amazing artist. We are looking for volunteers from 0+ who would enjoy getting involved. Here is a picture donated today by 8-year-old Dylan, from Rossendale. He has¬†drawn a lovely picture which illustrates a young baby on a hover board, with the word “smell” above it. Dylan explains that he has used a strawberry smelling felt tipped pen to colour in this word, and a new mum can enjoy looking at and sniffing his picture to her hearts content! Lucky mummy!


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