Bringing communities closer together

We love getting out and about and meeting people within our communities. In 2016, we started off with nothing and no one but each other, 4 young(ish!) mums who met whilst on maternity leave together. We  felt that not everyone had access to the basic necessities needed to survive what can be a very lonely, isolating and emotional with a brand new baby and found that change was needed.    Slowly, we made links with local craft shops and businesses who helped us get off to a flying start. We started funding clothing and items for our first few baby boxes out of our own pocket. Slowly, we learned to knit and crochet items from scratch to gift to people who were vulnerable and might need to feel cared for or know that someone nearby was thinking about them.

Finding Barbara

We held a mini project over the course of a few weeks, whereby we took it in turns to take out a rather cuddly toy sheep, Barbara, to various places and events around Lancashire. People had to guess where Barbara might be and, in return, could suggest a new name for the adventurous young ewe. This gave our project interest and publicity and eventually, for just 50p, people were able to place bets on Barbara’s chosen new name and win her to keep. Barbara was eventually re-named Lola and taken home by two little girls.

We struggled to find boxes, but Blackburn Hospital began donating these and Beaver Scouts in Crawshawbooth drew us some pictures of young families to decorate them.  Several local businesses offered to become “drop off” points for donations.

In 2017, Manchester Chubb donated money from not buying each other Christmas cards, the Bonzai Tree community of Bury donated profits from an auction and ASDA in Rawtenstall awarded our project with £200 to help local families.  In 2018, The Royal College of Midwives raised £900 for us. We use the funds to supplement the donated items in the boxes and we buy nappies, wipes, children’s books, treats for mums and any other items we find ourselves short of.