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What a year!

We have been a little tardy at updating our blog, because most of our updates now come via our facebook page

We have had an amazing year of being supported by our local communities, charities and organisations, which means that the support going to new families is at its highest. This year we have benefited generously from donations from Colne Rotary Club and the East Lancashire Midwives, which have allowed us to continue “topping up” boxes for new families with extra essentials and treats. More people are hearing about us which means more pre-loved and handmade donations, and more very welcome requests for support and items for new mums who do not have anything or anybody else to gift them these things.

The old African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” resonates with us as childbirth and parenting is a very lonely and difficult time for someone who doesn’t have anyone, who perhaps does not speak English or have recourse to public funds, who has fled abuse or lived a traumatic and difficult life. Everyone should have somebody, and hopefully everyone that receives a box made up by us with items donated from YOU, will know.

Their village is there.

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