Bringing communities closer together

Why knitting? Why baby boxes?

Baby Boxes

Our baby boxes are made up especially for infants from pre-term age to around 6 months of age. We give these boxes to mum in the antenatal period wherever possible or as soon after the birth as she might need it.

The value of a good start in life is huge. There is so much research available within child development that shows us that getting it right from day 1 can lead to better, more successful long-term health outcomes for children. We should  have  an equality throughout our communities whereby every child starts out with the same and every new parent feels that they have someone.

Gift Boxes
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Supporting New Families

We choose to reach parents of new babies to alleviate some of the worries and pressures associated with trying to source items for a newborn in difficult circumstances. It is hoped that by providing everything that parents and their baby might need over the first few days, and a few small treats on top, that some stressors are taken away. New parents can feel supported by someone in their community at a time when it may feel like they have no one.

This leaves new mummy’s and daddy’s  free to simply enjoy being together and building up a precious lifelong bond with their new baby.


Knitted Clothes
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Why Knitting?

Knitting itself is a therapeutic hobby and learning a new skill has given some of our local people a sense of pride in themselves. Some of our knitted items have arrived to us from people who are ill and receiving treatment, who are unable to work but need a distraction and to feel they are helping someone else.

Through supporting social events, we aim to relieve isolation, strengthen community spirit and open up opportunities to get creative.

If people choose to donate their knitted items, the families receiving our boxes will get a gift that is extra special, and completely unique for them.

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